Thursday, 29 October 2020

Ozark Trail



The Ozark Trail ( is part of a vision to build a scenic and varied route through the Missouri Ozarks stretching from Onondaga Cave (west of St. Louis) to the Arkansas Border. This extraordinarily scenic and diverse trail consists of almost 550 miles that have been completed with 350 miles in Missouri. Bass' River Resort is located on the Courtois Section of the Ozark Trail and is happy to offer our services to users of the Courtois and Trace Creek Sections. We have numerous and varied accommodations should you want a comfortable home base from which to explore the trail and a shuttle service to take you to or from trail heads. Should you want to expand your Ozark Trail experience with a float trip on one of our awesome streams, we have a full range of floating crafts and float trip options on the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec rivers for you to choose from.


Bass' River Resort is happy to help you out with your adventure! You can do a 1 day hike along the Ozark Trail, camp or lodge overnight and float back to your vehicle. Example: Park your vehicle at Onondaga Trailhead, hike to Bass' River Resort, camp/lodge overnight, and float from Bass' back to your vehicle. Two night minimum stay on lodging required on weekends May 1st - September 30th. Call 1-800-392-3700 for Reservations.

Shuttle Service & Rates


1 Way Shuttle First 2 People
 Narrows - Bass $30.00 +tax
Onondaga - Bass $40.00 +tax
Huzzah Wildlife - Bass $35.00 +tax
Hwy 8 TH - Bass $40.00 +tax
Berryman Cmp - Bass $45.00 +tax
Harmon Springs - Bass $35.00 +tax
Brazil Creek - Bass $60.00 +tax
Hazel Creek - Bass $70.00 +tax
Hwy DD TH - Bass $90.00 +tax
Council Bluff - Bass $140.00 +tax
Hwy 8 TH - Onondaga $80.00 +tax
Harmon Springs - Onondaga $75.00 +tax
Hazel Creek - Onondaga $100.00 +tax
Brazil Creek - Onondaga $80.00 +tax
Council Bluff - Onondaga $170.00 +tax

*Each additional person is $15.00
        Parking Fee                     $5.00 p/vehicle, $5.36 w/tax
Advance reservations are recommended, at least one week in advance to guarantee availability.

 We cover Onondaga Trailhead to Council Bluffs. We do offer custom shuttles of which the price will be based off of Round Trip, Mileage, & Time. Please inquire for rates.

Courtois 0-14 Mile Courtois 12-23 Mile
Courtois 21-36 Mile Courtois 36-48 Mile