Thursday, 29 October 2020

Horseback Riding


Riders of all skill levels enjoy our guided horseback rides!  Enjoy a wonderful equstrian adventure riding through our Ozark River Country on a one or two hour horseback ride.  Our scenic trails wind along the beautiful Courtois River and through the scenic hills of the Mark Twain National Forest to our special mountain overlook.  We also offer a breathtaking Sunset Ride beginning at 6:30 pm and lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Our famous scenic overlook is absolutely spectacular as the sun sets! So no one is left out of the fun, we offer children 7 years and under a pony ride at the stable that lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Horseback Riding (Kids 8+ years old)

Mountain Top & River Bottom (1 hr) $32.00 p/person, $34.27 w/TAX*
Scenic Overlook (2 hrs) $50.00 p/person, $53.55 w/TAX*
Sunset Ride (1.5 hrs) $42.00 p/person, $44.98 w/TAX*
Kiddie Ride $10.00 p/child, $10.71 w/TAX*
*Minimum of 2 people for horseback riding.
Kiddie Rides are set up before or after scheduled trail rides only


1 Hour Moonlight Ride  $10.00 p/person, $10.71 w/tax*
*Minimum of 15 people required per hayride.

Mini Paddle & Saddle Package

Includes: 1 Hour Trail Ride, 2 nights camping, and one day canoe trip.
Family Camping - $74.84 p/person-adult
Loud Area - $80.30 p/person-adult

*For all horseback riding, except kiddie rides, you must be at least 8 years of age in order to go on the ride.


**We do not allow more than one person on a horse at a time.

**Advance reservations are necessary! We require a 50% deposit to guarantee reservations.