Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Spring 2017 Flood

Rain is a good thing, or at least according to Luke Bryan it is. He’s not wrong, but in some cases, too much rain is, well…too much rain. Last week was an example of this. Now, we’re no strangers to the rain and we love a rainy night as much as the next person, but last week was an exception. It rained, and rained, and kept raining, and then it rained some more. We expected the water to rise, but didn’t realize how high the water was about to get.

We had an abundance of rain over a short period of time, causing the rivers and creeks to rise rapidly. There was so much rain that even locals couldn’t remember the last time the water had been this high. Here at Bass’ River Resort, the Courtois got out of its banks and got all the way to the 2nd step of the stairs here at the main store, reaching through most of the parking lot and even putting the pool underwater. Most of campground and campsites were underwater as well. As of this writing, the Courtois is back to its crystal clear self and is in great shape for floating.

The Meramec River got higher than it has been in an extremely long time, if ever. The water got so high, it almost touched the bottom of the Hwy. 19 bridge, and covered the railroad bridge on Birdsnest Road.

The Meramec rose and stayed high for a longer period of time than the Courtois and Huzzah rivers. Many highways, roads, and bridges shut down in St. Louis and surrounding areas and stayed closed for days because of the flooding of the Meramec. This was not the case here. The smaller creeks and streams, including the Courtois and Huzzah, crest and fall as quickly as they rise.

So come visit us and see for yourself that we haven’t floated away! While the Meramec may not be in the best condition yet, the Courtois and Huzzah rivers are ready for floaters and we are open for business! We appreciate all the calls/texts/messages and prayers from our friends and customers during the flood and hope to see everyone soon!





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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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