Saturday, 26 September 2020

Great Escapes


Our Great Escape Package Plans are a great way to have fun and save money!  Our package plans combine several services in order to give you one low price and can include anything from camping or lodging, to catered meals, guided trail-rides and so much more.  These plans are ideal for anyone, from small families to large groups.  Package plans can be customized with any of our regular services.


#10 Holiday Weekend
3 Nights Camping/Lodging
- 1 Day Float trip
BBQ Dinner on Saturday night
Buffet Breakfast either Saturday or Sunday morning

 Package Rates: (per person)


  With Canoe With Raft With Kayak
Camping Family Area $80.16 $88.24   $88.24
Camping Loud Area  $87.94 $96.02  $96.02 
Cozy Cabin 2 Adults  $183.57 $206.58**  $191.64
Cozy Cabin 4 Adults  $146.17 $154.24  $154.24 
Deluxe Cozy 4 Adults  $191.95 $200.03  $200.03 
Deluxe Cozy 7 Adults $156.31  $164.38  $164.38 
Log Cabin 4 Adults $196.53  $204.61  $204.61 
Log Cabin 6 Adults $167.28  $175.36  $175.36 
Log Cabin 8 Adults $152.66  $160.73  $160.73 
Log Cabin 10 Adults $143.88  $151.96  $151.96 
A-frame/Hideaway House 6A  $215.10 $223.18  $223.18 
A-frame/Hideaway House 10A  $172.57 $180.65  $180.65 
Lodging House 8 Adults $222.86  $230.94  $230.94 
Lodging House 20 Adults $154.41  $162.48  $162.48 

*Rafting Requires A Minimum Number Of People
3 Adults for 4Man Raft    4 Adults for 6Man Raft
6 Adults for 8Man Raft    8 Adults for 10Man Raft
(2 Children 8yrs & Under = 1 Adult)
If The Minimum Capacity is not met, additional charges will apply

**Price is based on two people in a 4-man raft.


Water/Electric & Full Hookups are an additional charge.
Deposit Requirements: 100% prepayment is due 10 days after making reservation.
Vehicle Registration: A list of names, addresses and vehicle information is required prior to arrival.
Change Policy: You must inform us by 10 a.m. ten full days in advance of any changes to your package.
Cancellation Policy: You must inform us by 10 a.m. ten full days in advance of any changes or cancellations on your package to receive a refund, less a $20 service charge. If a cancellation is less than 10 days the full amount is forfeited.
Memorial Day Thru Labor Day All packages with a meal require a Saturday evening meal, unless you have 20 or more people.
Buffet Breakfast: 
An additional Buffet Breakfast can be added to the package price on Saturday or Sunday morning for an additional charge.

Please call for children's prices or if you have any questions1-800-392-3700 (prices are subject to change).