Meramec River Float Trips

Bass’ River Resort has some of the best float trips in missouri!

Float the River Your Way

There’s no experience quite like floating the river. The crystal clear water is relaxing, and nothing beats floating with your friends. Many people hear about Meramec River Float Trips – but the experience they’re looking for is actually better on the other rivers nearby! Whether you want a relaxing canoe day, to go rafting with your friends, or a unique kayak experience, you can’t go wrong with the Courtois River. Located near Steelville, Missouri, Bass River Resort has everything you need for a good old fashioned float! The best part is floating is only half the fun – we have camping and lodging as well as other activities to create the perfect float getaway. A Courtois River or Huzzah River float trip is great for a guy’s weekend, couple’s getaway and one of our favorite ways to spend time with the family.





Courtois River Float Trips and More

River Trip Details (Click Here)
From To Miles Canoe Time Raft  Time
Berryman Blunts 7 4- 5 hrs
Berryman • • Bass’ 13 5- 7 hrs
Berryman Scotia 20 2 days
Berryman Onondaga 25 2 days
Blunts• • Bass’ 6 3-5 hrs 4-6 hrs
Blunts Scotia 13 6-8 hrs
Blunts Onondaga 18 2 days 2 days
Bass ** Scotia 7 4-5 hrs 5-7 hrs
Bass’ Onondaga 12 6-8 hrs 2 days
To From Miles           Canoe Time             Raft Time
Harpers Slab Hwy. 8 6 3-4 hrs
Harpers Slab Scotia 12 6-8 hrs
Harpers Stab Onondaga 16 2 days 2 days
Hwy.8 Scotia 6 3-4 hrs 4-6 hrs
Hwy. 8 Onondaga 10 5-7 hrs
MERAMEC (special request)
Onondaga 5 2-3 hrs 3-5 hrs

Why You’ll Love Floating With Us

“Bass Resort you never fail us! This was my 7th trip and it just gets better each time. Love the VIP service of being picked up and dropped off at our log cabin the day of the float! Will be back again soon!”

– K. Bauman

“Easy to find, friendly staff, clean facilities, and crystal clear water in a beautiful secluded part of Missouri!”

– S. Manning

“We canoed the river and loved every bit of it! Every staff member was beyond wonderful! It is very clear at The Bass River Resort, the customer comes first and is valued!  We will be back!”

– M. Harrison

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